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Krores is a global card expert, specializing in pre-paid card solutions for emerging economies such as India. The Company aims to provide benefits of both credit and debit cards, on a prepaid platform.

Unlike most other market players, Krores is focused on providing financial products that enable the mass and the masstige market in reaping the benefits of technology driven society. Krores’s mission is to provide a card in every wallet. The Company intends to reach out to the masses and bring them in the main stream, by crossing the false social ceilings of credit risks, money in the bank, status, sex, cast and creed. It plans to serve the underserved by providing prepaid instruments that enable them to enjoy the benefits that a credit card holder would enjoy.

Krores has partnered with and has strategic investment from reputed global financial institutions and angel investors very familiar with the payments industry to provide these unparalleled services in emerging markets. These relationships have had throughput of over €4 billion last year and have long established relationships with the banking sector, infrastructure providers and financial institutions in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Krores strives for 100% customer satisfaction by offering a competitive advantage in transaction speed, price and quality of service. Krores continues to expand exponentially. It has recently added new locations in India , Dubai and the USA to its existing location base comprising Ireland , Canada , Australia and Germany . With a global framework already in place, Krores can today capitalize on its relationships, partners, management expertise and infrastructure for bringing best of breed prepaid products to the market.