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How long does it take to receive money?
How can I access my money?
Can I go to any ATM to withdraw cash?
Can I to withdraw the whole amount in one withdrawal?
Do I have access to money 24/7?
Are there any limitations on withdrawal?
Can I use the card at any retail store?
Can I use the card to purchase goods and services online?
After registration, how long would it take to receive the card?
Do I get discounts on all purchases?
Can I use the card globally?
Can I send money to another Krores card?
Can I transfer money to my bank account?
Are there any late fee charges?
Will I receive any collection calls?
Do I need to have a credit history to qualify for this card?
Can I use my mobile to transfer money?
Can I use this card to pay my bills?
What is the validity?
Is my money safe?
What if my card is lost?
What if I don't remember my pin number?