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In this day and age of globalization, I was surprised to see the lack of financial tools available for the emerging markets. The banks don’t seem to be interested in
Financial inclusion
Fragmented retail markets

Most financial institutions have trouble reaching out to the masses and bringing them into the main stream, due to false ceilings set in the society; be it credit risks, money in the bank, status, sex, cast and/or creed. We plan to serve them all (no matter what the barriers) by providing prepaid instruments that enable them to enjoy the benefits that a bank account, debit or a credit card would provide. There is an unmet need to serve millions (crores) who need it and we intend to fulfill it.

We are not here to change the world but to make life better for Krores (millions) of people. What we provide is “more than money” by providing a “card in every wallet.”
I welcome your thoughts and invite you to join me and Krores (millions) of people in providing  this innovative product to the masses.

Vineet Katial
Chairman & Managing Director